Maverick Smiles Pediatric Dentistry

Smile Big. Stand Out. Be You.
Maverick: (n) an independent-minded person, an original, a trendsetter

Each child is an original just like Maverick Smiles! In our office every child will be treated individually as we provide a fun and exciting dental experience while delivering the highest quality dental care and preventive education.

Laura NLaura N
16:19 27 Jan 22
Was worried how my daughter would do since it’s a struggle getting her to brush at home. Everyone was warm and welcoming and the office is very clean. Bri the hygienist did a wonderful job keeping my child calm through the cleaning.
Scarlett VanceScarlett Vance
15:30 25 Jan 22
Wonderful place. Amazing team, they all work so well with my special needs son. This is the first dentist my son has actually enjoyed going to and wants to go back.
Edwin DavishEdwin Davish
14:10 22 Dec 21
Absolutely outstanding. The staff were warm, friendly, genuine, and highly proficient. I will not be taking my children anywhere else and I recommend you don't either. The dentist isn't much of a Nick Saban fan but nobodies perfect.
K ReddK Redd
22:15 29 Sep 21
Dr. Mary Alice is hands down, the best pediatric dentist out there. We just moved from out of state and my son was struggling with a medical condition relating to his dental work. I had taken him to 3 other dentists prior to Maverick and was so discouraged at the treatments suggested and at his worsening condition. I gave it one more try and words can't express how grateful I am to have found Dr. Mary Alice. She actively listened to my plea for help and thought outside the box to suggest an actual solution. She genuinely cares. She believes her clients and most importantly, she's extremely skilled at what she does. Oh my last visit, I let her know that my son is no longer struggling with the medical condition and that I have her to thank. Maverick: an independent-minded individual who thinks for themselves. What a perfect business name for a perfect doctor! Client for life. Thank you!!
17:24 17 May 21
I"ve been cautious about the right pediatric dentistry to care for my sons dental care and I can say, after the first initial visit that I felt such calm and experienced energy in the building that I can tell my son did also. He's very alert of his environment and people especially when it comes to things being treated. I am also. They made him feel so at ease and kept good conversation with him that made him feel he's in good hands. I really appreciate the professionalism and caring environment you all provide. We look forward to his next visit tomorrow. Thank you😊

Smile Big

Maverick Smiles Pediatric Dentistry will help you SMILE BIG by providing comprehensive dental care to infants, toddlers, adolescents and children with special needs.

Stand Out

Our team will STAND OUT as we offer our community the highest quality care in a fun, unique and nurturing environment.

Be You

We will encourage you to BE YOU as you maintain a beautiful smile and optimal oral health care for life.

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